One Option in Rosarito Beach Is An Independent Escort

You Are 20 Minutes From TJ’s Red Light District

Independent escorts in Rosarito have a lot of competition.  There are great strip clubs where a guy can get laid, both in Playa Rosarito and Tijuana.  Some Tijuana escort services will send girls south.  If you’re hardcore, you can to TJ, get a streetwalker and be fucking her faster than a Rosarito hooker can arrive.  Check out Mileroticos.  Thet have the most ads of any website in Mexico.  Even they don’t have many options.  Plus, all the ads are 100% Spanish.    

Excellent Tijuana Escort Services

The three big escort services in Tijuana are Mexico Lindo Bar, Queens TJ and Adult Baja.  They all have mostly 6’s and 7’s on a 10 scale, with some very nice exceptions.  (Depending on her body, the girl in the animation is a 7 or an 8.)  Call any one of them and ask who’s available to come to Rosarito.  Be sure to ask the rates, even though they are posted online.  There may be a travel charge.  You’ll have much better negotiating power if you reserve a minimum of 2 hours.  4 is optimal.  Spoiled Tijuana girls think the 20 minute drive to Rosarito is interplanetary travel.  That’s why so many guys do the math.  Most decide it’s easier to go where the girls are.