Massage Is Different In Mexico

There’s No Market For Sexual Massage in Rosarito

Rosarito Beach like all of Mexico has legalized prostitution.  Culturally, they don’t have images of massage services and sex in the same thought.  Are there licensed massage therapists who’ll suck your cock in Rosarito?  Probably, but not every time and not for everyone.  Happy Ending Massage is mostly an American cultural phenomenon.  You find it in places like Cabo, where Americans with money to spend dominate.  North Baja is home to the 4 hour tourist.  They cross the border on foot, take the 10 minute taxi ride to the Tolerance Zone, have a few drinks, have fast sex with a gorgeous dancer and return across the border.  There’s no market for sexual massage in Rosarito. 

Rosarito Prostitutes Will Massage You

If you search for erotic massage on Mileroticos, there are a few listings.  If you are bisexual, you may be in luck.  The dudes offering massage are better looking than the women.  However, if you are determined to have massage as foreplay to sex, there are hookers who will do what you want.   You’ll need a motel or hotel room.  There aren’t any erotic massage parlors in Rosarito.  There are some rumored near the cruise ship terminal in Ensenada.  (They serve American tourists who don’t know how sex in Mexico works.)  It’s easier, faster, safer and less expensive to go find better quality massage sex in Tijuana