At Least Three Strip Clubs in Rosarito Beach

The Taboo logo, black letters on a purple background, with stars

Three Strip Clubs

There are at least three strip clubs in Rosarito Beach; Taboo, Pink Cadillac and Bada Bing.  There are very few online reviews, and none have useful information.  Unlike the strip clubs in Tijuana, the Rosarito Clubs have fewer patrons, fewer girls and a more relaxed atmosphere.  The best clubs are in Tijuana.

Protect Yourself

Several of the reviews were of bad experiences.  The writers sounded inexperienced in the ways of strip clubs in Mexico.  Follow the link if you’d like to learn how different Mexican strip clubs can be.  It boils down to common sense.  Don’t use credit or debit cards.  Pay cash after each round, preferably in pesos.  Don’t leave your wallet unguarded if you have a dancer in your room.   Take anything of value into the bathroom with you.  Don’t fall asleep until she leaves.