No Escort Services in Queretaro

Pesky Prostitution Laws

Mexico has decriminalized prostitution.  Does that mean it’s legal?  Kind of, sort of.  It’s legal (or at least not a crime) for a woman to sell her body for sex.  It’s not a crime to hire a woman for sex, as long as she’s over 18.  (No one gets prosecuted for hiring 16 year old hookers, unless it’s a strip club or escort agency.)  What is illegal is to profit directly from the earnings of a prostitute.  After that, it’s up to local and state government to interpret federal law.  They decide locally how the prostitution industry really works.     

Queretaro Government Ruling

Apparently, Queretaro (both the city and the state are Queretaro, like New York) has decided that escort services are illegal because they take a percentage of the fees.  Don’t get logical, and ask how the strip club/brothels of Queretaro are any different.  The legal response is how contracts are drawn.  The real response is that escort services are harder to tax.  City and state officials can go to the strip club address.  An escort service is a system of portable cell phones that can be operated from another state.  Is the situation as clear as mud?  Glad to help!

Groups of Girls

Whenever you travel to a state or municipality without escort services, you’ll find girls working together.  They run ads on Mileroticos and other free sites.  (Mileroticos is like the Google of escorts.  They have competitors, all of whom have become irrelevant.)  They often hire a person to answer the phone.  What do you like about escort services?  One stop shopping? Variety?  These ads offer that.  The only thing different is the accountability.  There’s no one to make sure the girl arrives on time and does the service that was promised.  But if you absolutely have to have your girl provide by an escort agency, search the local ads.   The word “Amigas” will always be used.