How To Find A Brothel in Queretaro

Taxi and Uber Drivers

The police don’t care.   Businesses like brothels are part of Mexican culture.  But when the leading municipal officials say they’re illegal, occasionally corrupt Mexican cops are forced to close them down.  It won’t surprise you to learn that many police raids happen just before elections.  So brothel owners become a moving target.  The only people who consistently know where they are drive taxis or Uber.  As long as the professional drivers know where they are, brothels will continue to have business.

One Man’s Experience

In a report on the cityxguide, Dollar Bill reports on a Queretaro casa de cita (Spanish for “brothel”)  he visited several times.   “Prices: 1/2 hour – $500 pesos, 1 hour – $800 pesos.  Girls: In morning/early afternoon (10-3) – 2 girls normally on duty.  Late afternoon (4-11) – more girls.  Both girls I had were a little “fishy” smelling down between their legs. They do shower after each “encounter” but I think they need to invest in douches for the girls.  Good way to drain the main vein quickly, but not a place to find the best talent.”  

Thanks for the report, Bill.  Good to know prices, and have options.  Some guys like Bill have sensitive noses.  (When we all go out, we’ll have Bill select the wine.)  How many times has your girl taken a shower and you notice a lingering odor after?  For most of us….like never?