Queretaro Has Great Escorts, Strange Strip Clubs

An Abundance of Independent Escorts

Queretaro has declared war on brothels, escort services, massage parlors and strip clubs.  It’s a beautiful city gone mad! Moreover, mongers report there are underground brothels with changing locations.  As a result, you need to find a good taxi or Uber driver.  They can help.  Because authorities have shut down brick and mortar sex businesses, they have driven the demand online.  Pretty young girls who would have strip club dancers or brothel babes are independent escorts.  Check them out.  You’ll see photos of unbelievably beautiful young putas, offering sex at low prices.  So if you like independent escorts, you’ll love Queretaro.  

Inexpensive Escorts Abound

For businessmen, Queretaro was voted the second best city to do business in Mexico.  Only Monterrey got more love   The municipality has a population of about 1,000,000, and great infrastructure, with good roads, clean water, clean streets and excellent telecommunications.    The Queretaro climate is steady, hot and dry, staying between 85 and 95 all year long.  Queretaro gets almost all of its rain in torrents in June, July and August.  Due to the frequent visits of American businessmen, many escorts speak English.  You can use dollars, though it’s better to convert to pesos.  Mongers visiting Oaxaca, Morelia, Michoacan come here to look for prostitutes. 

Queretaro History

According to Wikipedia, supposedly, the founding date of the city was July 25, 1531.   During a battle between the Spanish and the natives of the area, an eclipse occurred.  Saint James on a white horse carrying a pink cross supposedly appeared, causing the natives of the areas to surrender.  Tourism now accounts for 20% of the economy.  There are lots of old colonial buildings and big churches, the people are enterprising and proud of their town.  They’ve even got a trippy sound and light show on Friday and Saturday nights at La Pena, a huge monolithic rock that dominates the Queretaro skyline.  With all the foreign investment, you’re more likely to find local Mexicans speaking a little English.

The Importance of a Good Driver

In cities like Queretaro where the sex business is underground,  it´s important to find someone local who knows where the hookers are.  Find a good taxi or Uber driver.  Let them be your guide.