Escorts Speak English in Ensenada

Not a Sleazy Border Town, But Not Mexican 

The town of Ensenada is 75 miles and a world away from San Diego. With a population of around 450,000, Ensenada is about the same size as Mazatlan or Matamoros, #43 in a list of Mexico’s big cities.  The #3 city in Mexico is Tijuana, 60 miles north.  It’s hard to talk about Ensenada without mentioning TJ.  They’ve both got great strip clubs, and a lot of independent escorts. English spoken! There is a “free travel” zone in North Baja.  Visitors from the U.S. don’t need a passport or a visa as far as Mexicans are concerned.  That free travel zone technically ends in Ensenada, but outside of airports or banks you’ll never be asked for a passport.  We’ve lived in Mexico 10 years and never have been asked for travel documents.  To return to the U.S. you’ll need a valid passport. 

First Class Sex Entertainment

Guess what else Ensenada has to offer?  That’s right, first class sex entertainment.  You can sometimes measure the entire sexual pulse of a town by the quantity and quality of strip clubs.  Ensenada has three main ones; Paris, Wet Lips, Cosmos.  They compare favorably with the Tijuana strip clubs like Adelita’s.  They have fewer escort strippers, but are more relaxed.  The Tijuana/Rosarito/Ensenada area has more information about strip clubs, brothels, prostitutes and escorts than all the rest of Mexico combined, at least information in English. Check out our Tijuana and Rosarito Beach pages. 

La Bufadora

A big attraction in Ensenada is La Boufadora.  This is an amazing blowhole (no jokes please) a couple miles south.  In fact, La Bufadora means “The Blower” in Spanish.  On the rocky cliffs outside town, there is an underground cave that traps incoming waves.  At the end of the cave is a hole in the roof.  The result is a geyser of salt water, shooting high into the air.  Pretty cool.  (See photo on lower left.)

A History of Illegal Alcohol and Drugs

Ensenada got put on the map during Prohibition, when people wanted an alternative to drinking in Tijuana. Not much has changed. They have an army base, a navy base and a fishing fleet now, but Ensenada is still a tourist town. The alcohol prohibition has been replaced by a drug prohibition. Today, tourists flee the “in your face” commercialism of Tijuana in favor of the slightly more Mexican cities further down the Baja coast. Ensenada is now a major drug port, close enough to the U.S. to bring in vessels from South and Central America for a smuggling run across the border. This brings sailors with a lot of money.