Ensenada; Great Strip Club Town

Paris Strip Club; WOW

The top strip club in Ensenada, based on forum entries and our own experience, is Paris en Noche. The stages are on the first floor. The action is upstairs, with the VIP tables and private rooms. We recommend starting downstairs, selecting a girl, then taking her upstairs for drinks or sex in a private room. The salida (bar fine, to take the girls out of the club) can be steep, depending on the night and the girl….usually $100 USD or $2,000 pesos. However, many of the girls are 8, 9 and 10. If you have the coin, it’s well worth the cost. Prices range from $100 for a half hour to $500 for 24 hours.

A Forum Report on Paris

Doc Holiday writes in CityXGuide “There were about 12 girls working and probably 20 guys in the club. I was pretty impressed with the quality of the girls. Most were 8’s and a couple of 7’s and a couple of 9’s. One of the 9’s came up to the bar and I bought her a drink. Can’t remember her name but do remember she was from Monterrey. She was very beautiful and spoke perfect English. She bought her chi chis but they were nice. Her personality was awesome. Anyhow she stated that up stairs for 1/2 hour for full service was $120. I never pay that much but she was a 9 and she would not come down on price so I finally said OK. Overall this girl was a 9 in looks and and 9 in action. ” Nice job, Doc. Read the full report. He’s got info on other cities as well.

Four Clubs To Choose From 

We know four Ensenada Strip Clubs; Paris en Noche, Cosmos, Denny’s Bar (El Pescador) and Wet Lips. Our award for best name has to go to Wet Lips. Paris is a screaming success, with women to rival the best TJ has to offer.   We haven’t visited Ensenada in a couple years, and don’t even know if El Pescador or Wet Lips are still open.  

A Few Words On Cosmos Strip Club

Doc Holiday also writes a few words about Cosmos. “The place across the street from Paris is Cosmos. It has younger but more local flavor girls that are very aggressive but also pretty wild.”