Happy Ending Massage in Ensenada

Sexual Massage for Cruise Ships and Seamen 

Some cruise ship bozo on  “Trip Advisor” whined about how seedy Ensenada was compared to his nice, clean ship.  His post was about how hard it was to get a proper, respectable massage in this nasty Mexican place.  For impersonal, “you can’t touch me here, here or here” massage, he recommends “A Walk in the Clouds” on Avenida Riveroll 125 and a bad place (or good if you want a happy ending) is Miracle Spa on Miramar St.  Personally, I vote for Miracle Spa.  I also hope Cruise Ship Bozo never returns to this website.

Alternatives to Massage Parlors in Ensenada

The only reason most guys would use a massage parlor is for daytime relief.  At night, your best source of escort fun is through the Ensenada Strip Clubs.  Independent escorts are a little harder, because none speak English.    If you are determined, we tell you how.  Visit Making a date with a Mexican girl for step by step instructions on how to succeed when you don’t speak Spanish and she doesn’t speak English.  Alternatively, Tijuana escort services will also send you a girl.  Allow 4 hours lead time to be comfortable.  We recommend Adult Baja because they speak English as well as Spanish. 

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