Cuernavaca Escort Services

Agencies Are Illegal

Prostitution is legal in Mexico, BUT…..profiting from the pay of sex workers is not.  The idea is OK.  Mexico doesn’t want to encourage slavery, which still sometimes happens with poor Mexican hookers and prostitutes from other countries.  However, even a friend setting appointments for escorts he knows is profiting from their work.  It’s illegal.  So….escort services can be hard to find and they go out of business quickly.  

There Is Currently An Escort Agency in Cuernavaca

Search Google using the term “escorts english cuernavaca”.  There is (as of this writing) an agency with good looking girls and a padrote (literally “stallion” in Spanish) who speaks English.  We wish the government would just license these guys.  An English speaking escort service is like gold.  You can explain what you want, get questions answered, and set appointments easily.   While independent chicas can be flakey, escort services strive to earn repeat customers.  They often provide transportation to make sure the girls arrive on time.  Their girls are more likely to perform as agreed, knowing you as the customer can complain to their boss.  Accountability is good.  It’s worth the small extra fee that’s built into the price.