Meet Escorts in Cuernavaca

Cuernavaca; The Beverly Hills of Mexico

 Some people call Cuernavaca “The Beverly Hills of Mexico”. (Think there are English speaking independent escorts in 90210?)  That’s funny, since Cuernavaca means “cow horns” in Spanish.   It’s a wealthy bedroom community of Mexico City, just 60 miles (100 km) away. Locals just say “Mexico”, when referring to “Mexico City”.  It’s like San Francisco, where people say “The City” to indicate familiarity. Consequently, many people live in Cuernavaca and work in the Federal District.  (The DF.)
The rolling hills are ideal for views homes. Many beautiful homes can see two volcanoes, to the east and southeast. Occasionally the volcanoes rumble and smoke, the home of old disgruntled Nahuatl gods. (Cuernavaca is a mispronunciation of the original name, which the conquering Spanish couldn’t say correctly.) There are around 900,000 people living in the municipality, roughly 350,000 within the city limits. Cuernavaca enjoys spring all year long. There are flowering plants everywhere.  Average elevation is around 5,000 feet. The air is fresh and sweet, and so are the escorts. These girls are wild and have full menus.

The Poor Live in the Shadows of the Wealthy

When we say Cuernavaca is wealthy, it depends on what neighborhood you are in. Several small pockets of wealthy homes report average Colonia (neighborhood) incomes in excess of $100,000 USD a year. In Mexico, depending on who you speak with, 40% to 50% live below the poverty line, which is about $100 USD a month. Unlike other cities in the Valley of Mexico, Cuernavaca doesn’t manufacture much and isn’t a major retail center. Cuernavaca is an educational magnet for English speaking students wanting to learn Spanish. Others come to visit because of the climate, the lush vegetation and the well-preserved historical sites just outside the city.

Even The Escorts Commute

Whenever you have visitors, you have escorts. Ironically, many hookers working locally come from Mexico City for a change of pace. They are joined by local semi-pro students and young housewives, eager to make a little extra money and enjoy new sexual experiences.

Strip Clubs and Brothels

The strip clubs are outside the city limits but still within the municipality, a short cab ride away. They receive lukewarm reviews, though all mongers experienced in the Hobby know that finding just one beautiful woman you share chemistry with can rock the house. Ironically, it’s the cab drivers of Cuernavaca who get the best reviews. In places like Puerto Vallarta, cab drivers knowingly deliver unsuspecting tourists to the worst clubs in town to earn commissions. In Cuernavaca, taxistas have the reputation of knowing where the action is and helping visitors find what they are looking for. Use these taxistas for brothels, massage parlors and strip clubs, as well as finding a street hooker. For escorts, you can do that on your own from our independent escorts page.