Escorts are Low-Priced in Cuernavaca

The Richest City, The Cheapest Escorts

Cuernavaca has the reputation of having the wealthiest city in Mexico.  However, this is probably only in the plush foothills with the large, view houses.  Down in the flatlands is where the poor people live, among them the prostitutes of Cuernavaca.   The internet shows you the views, the hillsides of blooming flowers.  Your young beautiful whore probably lives where the streets are unpaved with puddles and potholes, the houses haven’t been painted in 20 years and the future is a fat, drunk husband who dropped out of the third grade.  The prices reflect their  barrio surroundings, not the hillside haciendas.

Maybe The Best Value in Mexico

If you view the independent escorts on a site like Mileroticos,  you’ll see gorgeous young women offering themselves.  They range in age from (almost) 18 to 30, many offering extra services included in the price.  (Mostly cum-in-mouth blowjobs and anal.)  Then you’ll see the prices and think it’s a scam.  Prices start at $100 pesos for a quickie and go up to $1200 pesos for an hour and a half with a young goddess.  That’s a price range of $10 USD to a high of $60 USD.   Imagine having sex with a high school hottie for less than the cost of a bucket from KFC.  There are plenty to choose from.  With rare exceptions, these hookers don’t speak English.  

You Only Speak English; Don’t Worry

Do you have Whatsapp on your phone?  If you do, you can communicate with a “Spanish Only” teen escort.  The all have Whatsapp as well.  Just use Google  translate to send her a message.  We tell you how to do it on a page entitled Making an appointment with an escort who doesn’t speak English.  Follow the step by step instructions and you could be banging a busty young hooker within an hour.