The Dirty Brothels of Cuernavaca

Low Cost Has a Price

When you hire an independent escort, you have expectations.  You expect her to look like her photos, and deliver on the promises she made in her ad.  Hyperbole aside, if she says she kisses with tongue, that’s what you expect.  When you go into the bad parts of downtown looking for love, the only good news may be the price.  Can you find exceptions?  Sure, but not often.  That doesn’t mean the sex won’t be good.  Your hooker could pleasant and passably attractive.  We’ve had great times in these places.  

Make Lemonade From Lemons

Jaime Lannister wrote “I had a threesome in a shitty brothel in Cuernavaca.  It was around 2015.  They were so inexpensive ($350 base price each), I had a threesome with two girls who said they wanted to please me.  (They weren’t girls.  Maybe 35 to 40?)  One girl had a beautiful face and liked kissing.  The other was a little overweight with huge boobs.  They both gave great oral without a condom for $150 each additional.  Then one put me inside while I kissed her friend.  Both were so enthusiastic I forgot they weren’t pretty.  Then the big breasted one said “I want you in my ass”.  (I speak Spanish.)  

It was amazing.  The pretty face girl licked my nipple while she stuck a finger in my butt.  The busty one twerked an orgasm out of me.  Afterwards, both said they’d never had a Gringo before, and kept kissing me.  The whole thing cost $1500 pesos total, both girls, including $250 tip each.”  

Looking For Adventure?

An anonymous contributer wrote about a Cuernavaca brothel on the 21orOver forum.  “There is a place in “El Centro” that gives you full service for $20 – $35 American. As soon as you release it’s over or up to twenty minutes, whichever comes first. This place is definitely worth it. Girls are good-looking and pretty friendly, and the price is the best I’ve ever seen. There is one street with a bunch of hotels that intersects with calle morelos. That’s where it is. If you happen to be near “el centro”, aka (zocalo), ask for the casa de putas. Everybody knows where it is. ” 

Obviously, this post is older.   Even in Mexico, you’re not going to get full service from an escort for $35 USD, but it does give you an indication of just how inexpensive sex is for the average Mexican.  Figure on paying at least $50 USD, or $1000 pesos at a minimum.