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There are a lot of online reports about the strip clubs in Verazcruz.  Like most of the strip clubs in Mexico, when you get a dance you are expected to touch.  The girls want you hot, so you will take them into a private room.  For an extra charge, they'll give you a blowjob, and in some clubs, vaginal sex.  (Chupa is the word for blowjob, cohair is the word for full-on screwing.  See the "vocabulary" page. )  Most reports say that there are printed lists for tourists at all the hotels, listing the strip clubs.  The one that is mentioned most often is Extravagances. Many may no longer be open. The Ultimate Strip Club List says there may only be two survivors of this economic downturn.  Below is a list of other clubs that have been mentioned.

  • Extravagances

  • New Fantassy

  • Athens Palladiums 

  • Touch Me 

  • Transylvania 

  • Stress

  • Top Gold