Manzanillo Has Strip Clubs and Brothels

Biggest Port Means More Escorts

Manzanillo is the largest active port in Mexico. It’s tiny population (roughly 150,000) is not a measure of it’s importance….or the availability of Mexican hookers.  More cargo gets unloaded here than anywhere else, including Veracruz. There are rail connections to both Guadalajara (3 hours east) and Mexico City. When you have merchant seamen, you’re going to have prostitutes. The best brothels are near the port, south of town.

The average price is $1,500 pesos, with $500 going directly to the house and $1000 being paid to the girl.  (Total is about $75 USD.)  Your price with the girls can be higher, depending on the girl.  The hottest chicas always charge more.  You pay additional for any extras you might want.   BBBJ and GFE are not usually included. It’s easier to get anal sex than it is a passionate kiss with tongue.  Don’t expect any English speaking brothel whores.

Manzanillo is good, not great, for escorts.  We rank it #10 on our list of the Best Escort Cities in Mexico.

Cruise Ship Tourists

Manzanillo is also a tourist destination. Some cruise ships stop here, including Holland America and Azamara Cruises. Again, the cruise ship workers support the brothels and massage parlors close to the port. For the tourists, there are several strip clubs. Try 10 or Nudus.  There are a few others.  The prices at the best clubs are high, though nowhere near the cost of Puerto Vallarta. 10 and Nudus have some English speaking strippers and waiters.  You are expected to touch the girls.  If you don’t touch her, she’ll grab your hands and put them on her tits and ass. They make their money when you buy drinks. If you’re not grabbing, you’re not buying.  That means they’re not earning.

Mexican Vacationers

What Manzanillo offers is a year round warm climate, and lots of different beaches.  There are semi-sheltered bays with no surf. During the warmer months, the ocean water can reach 87 degrees!  On New Years Eve and other holidays, there are spectacular fireworks displays. The normally tranquil beaches are jammed during Semana Santa.  It’s an amazing festival atmosphere that’s 99% Mexican. Try scoring with one of the girls visiting from out of town in the daytime. You can always visit a brothel later in the evening. The whore houses do a booming business during religious holidays.