In Veracruz, Strip Clubs Are King

Mulatto Dancers For Sex

Some guys just need more than to drop trou, penetrate, thrust, achieve orgasm, roll over, dress and leave.  That’s the basic street girl experience.  There are a few independent escorts offering service online, but they are the #3 option in Veracruz.  For the best sex experience in town, guys go to the strip clubs.  The two we know of are Fantassy and Extravagance.   Both are on main streets.  Any taxi or Uber driver will know where they are.  

New To Mexican Strip Clubs?

The two most important questions are 1) Are you welcome? and 2) Is it safe?  The answer to both is “Yes”.  Look at it from the club owners perspective.  Businessmen aren’t political and are only motivated by money.  Your club is supported by cheap Mexicans who nurse their beers and try to make $200 pesos last all night.  Then in walks a Gringo or two.  If some semi-drunk Mexican wants to confront you over Donald Trump and The Wall,  he’ll find himself on the sidewalk in seconds.  All strip clubs in Mexico have strong security.  They are there to keep guys like you comfortable.  Strip Clubs are some of the safest places for foreigners in Mexico.   The owners may private be prejudiced against pale foreigners, but the only color they really care about is green.

How Do They Work?

If you are used to strip clubs in the U.S., you’ll be in heaven.  In the United States, you aren’t allowed to touch.  In a Veracruz strip club, both the girls and the owners WANT you to touch.  The fastest money is with privados, private dances.  Depending on the club, these take place on a stool in a closet or in a luxury room with a bed.  Also depending on the club, you can do anything from run your hands all over the girl to fuck her in the ass.  Many clubs have tiered pricing.  A short dance for excitement, handjobs, blowjobs with condom or without, up to full service.  That’s always with a condom.  

Tricks, Tips and Details

If you’d like to know more, we have designed a special page for English speaking guys new to Mexican strip clubs.  Did you know not to use your credit card?  Who’s the one person you always want to make friends with in a strip club?  Should you use U.S. dollars?  Gringos experienced in Mexican strip clubs will answer all three questions without hesitation.  If you can’t, maybe you need more information.  Even someone with experience might learn a different perspective on the strip club experience.