What Do Mushrooms and Massage Places Have in Common?

Veracruz Massage Parlors and Mushrooms

Massage parlors grow and die quickly, like mushrooms.  They often spring up on the same blocks or even the same locations.  They are not profitable businesses like strip clubs, so they can’t afford licenses, health inspections and other legal annoyances.  It’s easier to fold up shop, take the girls and move to a different location.  The only constant in their lives is their word-of-mouth advertising.  That comes from Uber and taxi drivers.  These guys always know where the massage parlors and brothels are.  When you are looking for help finding girls, younger taxi and Uber drivers are usually more helpful.  Keep an open mind.  Your driver may know a hot brothel or one particular hot girl.  

What’s The Difference Between a Massage Parlor and a Brothel?

The only real difference is with the payment.  In a brothel, you normally pay one fee.  In reality, you pay a base price and once the door is shut you can find out from your hooker what extras she is offering.  BBBJ, CIM and anal sex are never included.  In a massage parlor, you pay a fee (often $300 to $500 pesos) to the house for a massage, and then ALL sexual services are negotiated with your “massage therapist”.  You will probably pay similar rates for similar quality and service in both brothels and massage parlors.  A funny similarity is that if you want massage as foreplay, you’re going to have to make a special request in both houses.   Happy Ending massage parlors don’t attract licensed therapists.   Blowjob Queens aren’t hired by ¨legitimate¨ salons.