Veracruz Brothels Don't Qualify

Technically, They’re Not Brothels

What you get in Veracruz are very public streets where the hookers line up.  They do this right in front of the hotels where you go to enjoy them.  It’s a traditional brothel lineup, the girls presenting themselves in a competition to be chosen .  In Veracruz, they just do it outside.  If the weather’s nice, what’s the difference?  There are three locations where this happens.  

First Almost Brothel Location 

The fist location is on Calle Abasolo, between Gonzales and Diaz Miron.  There’s no number visible, but it’s a hotel and hard to miss.  You’ll see the prostitutes on the street outside and sitting on the benches.  The cost is $400 pesos for an hour plus $50 for each “extra” beyond basic service you ask for.  Everything is negotiated.  You must agree on things outside the hotel.  Once you get to the room, it’s too late.

Second Location

This is a real brothel.  There’s a white house on Calle Isabel La Católica between Ave. Salvador Diaz de Miron and Ave LaFragua.  Check with the taxi or Uber drivers to see if it’s still there.  You don’t want to be knocking on the door of someone’s grandmother looking for whores.  If it’s there, the cost is $500 pesos plus any extras you may want that are not part of the normal menu. 

Third Location

This looks like a restaurant from outside.  It’s near the aquarium on Juan Enriquez at the corner.  This is one of the nicer Veracruz Brothels, but the charge is only $500 pesos.  This is a whorehouse with an ocean view.  If it’s still there, any taxi or Uber driver will know where it is.    

Many More, Just Ask 

Casa de citas (Spanish for whorehouse) come and go.  It’s almost a waste of time to identify them and publish their rates and locations.  Reviews are a waste of time too.  By the time you try finding the busty mulatto teen with the DD boobies who enjoys CIM blowjobs and anal sex so much she doesn’t ask extra, she’ll be married and living with her husband and their kids.  The only way you’ll get up-to-date info is from taxi or Uber drivers.   Obviously younger, bilingual drivers are more interested in prostitutes that some 60 year old grandfather with 24 grandkids.  Older, alert guys can still help you out.  If they are not bilingual, you will find useful phrases on our vocabulary page.