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snow capped mountains above TolucaThe City of Toluca, not Mexico City, is the capital of the State of Mexico.  It has a population of about 900,000. It's 70 miles and a world away from Mexico City.  At an elevation of about 9,000 feet, its over 2,000 feet higher than Mexico City.  (Denver is a lowland city in comparison, at 5,280.)  Toluca has a lot of little factories which make drinks, processed food, textiles, cars, electric products, metals and machinery, paper products, printed matter as well as a little auto production. Mexicans love chorizo sausage, and a lot of it comes from Toluca.  Toluca is also like the Sicily of Mexico.  From Aztec times, it's been the victim of bloody conquest by the eventual rulers of Mexico.


Toluca is a city similar to Merida , both in size and with the availability of escorts.  The bad news is that you need to look a little harder.  The good news is that unless you take a high-priced imported girl out of a strip club, you're going to pay less.  The best news is that, like Merida, there are plenty of part timers.  These are wives, students and single moms who only give escort services part time, and don't plan on doing it for a career.  These amateurs almost uniformly give GFE at reasonable rates.  All Mexican girls are passionate.  (Something about the Latin blood.)  These amateur / professionals can give you the best of both worlds; you can have a romantic encounter with incredibly hot sex without the expectation that you'll call again, court, meet Mom and marry.  If you're experienced in the Hobby, you might find the best sex of your life in Toluca.


mexico map showing Toluca's locationIf you're inexperienced, it could be just the opposite.  An anonymous writer basically trashes the sex scene in Toluca.  "I have been here in Toluca, Mexico for the past year and have found good looking girls hard to find! Toluca is an industrial town of over a million people located about 70 miles west of Mexico City at an elevation of about 8,000 feet with weather similar to high Colorado. The local saying is that the Aztecs sacrificed all the pretty girls and the Spanish never made it this high, which explains why most of the girls have an Indio look."  However, other mongers don't seem to have the same troubles.  You'll find beautiful escorts in any Mexican city (escort = prostitute, dama de noche, servidora sexuales, dama de la vida galante....the Mexicans have some pretty interesting names to keep from calling their hookers "putas").  Some guys need a little more help finding them.  There are strip clubs, brothels, and outcall escorts advertising massage or more straightforward sex services.  This isn't Monterrey or Mexico City, with sex workers walking the street.  Read our other Toluca pages, and enjoy yourself!