Escort Services in Toluca, State of Mexico

They’re Illegal 

Escort agencies in Toluca don’t operate openly.  It’s the state capital, and the laws are enforced.  It’s not a bad rule.  It’s illegal to take a commission or percentage from the earnings of a sexiseridora, a sex worker.  That’s the definition of how an escort service gets paid.  The law is designed to stop sexual slavery.  It’s unfortunate.  Most prostitutes don’t understand marketing, and paying someone to run ads and screen clients is well worth the 35% most services charge.   A good escort service will take responsibility for photos, and often provide transportation.  For the client, agencies make sure the girls show up on time and want to know if the girl didn’t perform.     

The Difference Between a Directory and an Agency

EOM, Escorts of Mexico, (the website you’re on now) is a directory.  We run ads but you make the appointment directly with your escort.  An agency has one central number to call.  There is a directory with listings in Toluca called La Boutique.  They have a nice website with professional photos, and a dozen high level hookers.  This would be your best source for elegant escorts.