Toluca, Capital City of the State of Mexico

The Entire City is High

The City of Toluca, not Mexico City, is the capital of the State of Mexico.  Wherever there are policians, there are escorts.  It has a population of about 900,000. It’s 70 miles and a world away from Mexico City.  At an elevation of about 9,000 feet, its over 2,000 feet higher than Mexico City.  (Denver is a lowland city in comparison, at 5,280.)  Toluca has a lot of little factories which make drinks, processed food, textiles, cars, electric products, metals and machinery, paper products, printed matter as well as a little auto production. Mexicans love chorizo sausage, and a lot of it comes from Toluca.  

Currently,  Toluca (like all Mexico) is suffering from corrupt, stupid politicians from the PRI.  Most of the victims are escorts and the people who promote them.

Ruined by Politicians

Toluca used to be more like Monterrey, with high end corporative strip clubs used to entertain the corrupt politicians and the businessmen in the capital to buy them.  High end escorts could dance, or meet customers online or from newspaper ads.  It was civilized, and under control.   In 2014, the government closed them all down and tried to cloze the Tolerance Zone as well.  The goal was to improve the city by eliminating undesirable elements.  As is always the case with legislated morality, things only got worse.   

Streetwalkers and The Tolerance Zone

The Tolerance Zone, which was an area set aside for sex businesses, was located near the bus station and the Juarez Market.  The idiots running things shut it all down in 2014.  The tax revenue from the massage parlors and brothels is all gone, replaced by a lower class of street whore.  The Chicks With Dicks (transsexual prostitutes) now compete side by side with female streetwalkers in the same area.  Gone is the tax base, and the control government had over legal businesses.  It’s been replaced by an untaxed unregulated street scene full of crime.  Nice job, fellas.