Toluca Brothels Are Illegal But Still There

A Good Driver Will Get You Laid

In cities like Toluca where popular brothels are closed by the local government, they move a lot.  The way they keep their clientele and stay in business is keeping the taxi and Uber drivers informed.  “Donde estan las chicas?”, (“Where are the girls?”) is a phrase these drivers hear frequently.  Whether it’s Mexico City, Monterrey or Mazatlan, a good driver knows the pulse of his city.  If you are too specific, you may miss out.  If you ask specifically for a brothel, your taxi guy may not tell you about the hot new massage parlor that opened up.  

Brothels Are Usually In The Bad Neighborhoods

It can be unnerving to go to a brothel in a strange new city, especially at night.  They are never in the good parts of town.  The nice smooth streets in the business district give way to dirt roads with potholes.  If this is your first experience, be prepared.  Mexico is a poor country, and Mexican brothel owners do not stress themselves about luxury or cleanliness.  When you pull up, the house will probably look abandoned.  The girls can be attractive, but the bed you have sex on probably won’t be clean.  Both the drive and the dirt are the reason most guys call independent escorts.