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The World's Oldest Profession is alive and well in Mazatlan.  They may be good Catholics on Sunday, but on Saturday night you may find a devoted family man in his favorite casa de cita.  (Literally, "house of dates", or brothel.)  There is a reason why prostitution is legal in Mexico.  It's safe, clean and affordable.  The girls are checked regularly for health reasons, and they all use safe sex.  For as little as $300 pesos (around $25 USD) you can have a "quickie" with a young Mexican Girl.  The going rate for the two best brothels, La Fonda and Tamaulipas is $800.  Includes the girl and the room for one hour, with condom and towel.  If you are particular about your condoms, we recommend you buy your own  before coming to Mazatlan.

Sizzler writes about his experiences in Tamaulipas, the famous Mazatlan whore house  "After reading your site , I took the advice of using an open taxi driver. He took me to Tamaulipas, because La Fonda was closed on Monday. I paid 600 pesos for the girl and paid him 200 pesos to drive me there and wait. All fun & safe under $100 dollars. I'm glad I did, Tamaulipas is not in a neighborhood that you can easily flag down an open taxi. The selection was minimal because it was 7:30pm on a Monday. There was one young cute girl, and some suitors waiting on a couch. I say young, because she may of been anywhere between 15-20yo? I maybe wrong. As I get older I'm off on my guesstimates of age. Someone 26 could look 19, I've found. About that time a fit tall, voluptuous, long black hair girl came in. She would of been one I would of preferred had I had the opportunity. One of the guys waiting on the couch jumped after her immediately. So I settled for the young girl who had been there. She was definitely cute, probably 7 or 8. Shorter, nice body, no English. I fantasize of the taller evenly endowed, w/ jet black hair senoritas. She took me up to the room. Which was decent. I can only compare to the room above the Hawaiian Club in Algodonnas, which was definitely 3rd world accommodations. This was better. Big mirror on wall, box spring and mattress in corner, bed made, w/ bathroom. I thought I should shower first like is expected in the Seattle hobby. This presented some confusion and she acted like the deal was off when I motioned to the shower. So I said no, no. We undressed and got down to business. No kissing, everything was covered, and no digits allowed on her. She was hot and moist upon penetration. We took most the hour. She seemed into it. She then wrapped herself in a towel and we walked downstairs where she was apparently going to shower. In hind sight the bathroom shower may not of functioned, which is what could of caused some of the confusion. I got down to the lobby and Hugo wasn't there. Thankfully he was outside in the taxi."  Having the taxi wait was smart.  It's relatively safe in that neighborhood, but why take chances?  You're correct...7:30 on a Monday isn't a great time to go to a brothel.  Sorry about the No kissing, everything was covered" part.  It's a different sexual culture, and the hookers are squeemish. 

He writes further " In the end, although the hobby is much more affordable in Mexico than back in Seattle, I think I prefer the GFE experience in Seattle when a girl can drive over for outcall to visit, with kissing, bbbj, daty and cim (from some of my favorites). However, the adventure of the pursuit of Casa de citas is definitely a hobby experience. The fact I can go back to one of the brothels tonight to see if anything is different without breaking me is appealing. It is a hobby experience."  There's no place like home!  You're a good sport, and philisophical.  However, there are girls in Mazatlan who give GFE and outstanding BBBJ. 



La Fonda is a well-established, well-respected brothel.  The whore houses in Mexico are called "casa de citas", or "house of dates".  La Fonda is located on a prime corner at the edge of the downtown area.  It's well-lit and very secure.  The lower floor has a bar with a separate entrance.  Upstairs is where the action is.  The stairs are only one flight up, but are very steep, so you have to be in average condition or better to get inside.   Open every day but Sunday, the girls begin showing up in the late afternoon/early evening.  They are all 6+ on a scale of 1 to 10, with plenty of different types to suit every taste.  A few even speak a little English.  At any time there will be 10 to 20 girls working.  The cost is $800 pesos (about $65 USD).  You get a clean, private room, the girl of your choice, one condom and a full hour.  The atmosphere is relaxed, friendly and very safe.  The owner is usually there, and he speaks perfect English in case you have questions or concerns. 



Pronounced "tam ow lee pass", Tamaulipas is 4 blocks from La Fonda.  The two brothels are run by two brothers.  Tamaulipas is an old hotel, so you enter through at street level into the lobby.  It's there you meet the girls.  Tamaulipas uses the same format as La Fonda.  The prices, features and quality of girls are the same.  There are a few differences.  One is the ease of entry.  If it's raining, you'll be wet by the time you get to the top of the outside stairs at La Fonda.   The second difference is simply a different group of girls.  If you don't find what you want at La Fonda, it's a 3 minute cab ride to Tamaulipas.  (Don't walk.  It's not safe.)  The final difference is that Tamaulipas is in a quieter, darker neighborhood.  Especially if you're alone and it's late at night, "quiet and dark" is not where you want to be.   Both hotels are 5 minutes from the Fisherman's Monument (a well-known landmark) on the Malecon.  Depending on where your hotel is located, you can be back in your room within an hour an a half.  Any cab driver will be able to take you to either brothel.