Cheap Tourists Won't Support Escort Services

Escort Challenges

Most tourists in Mazatlan really don’t want a Mexican experience.  The Zona Dorado, with its English speaking waiters and shop owners, is just like back home only with different weather.  Some of the bolder ones might get drunk and want a hooker, but then they find out that their all-inclusive hotel won’t allow visitors past the lobby.  But since most tourists refuse to learn any Spanish and most local escorts don’t speak enough English to make an appointment, it doesn’t matter if the hotels won’t allow guests.  Add the small fee that an escort service has to charge to stay in business and the average tourist isn’t interested.  This isn’t Cancun

Missed Opportunities 

Many tourists will leave in a group and explore Plaza Machado.  (A “machado” is an axe.  I bet there is a cool story about The Axe Plaza got its name.)  They won’t leave without buying something Mexican for a souvenir.  Of course a normal tourist will sample the food.  But if a guy leaves Mexico without having sex with a Mexican girl, he hasn’t truly experienced Mexico.  Mexican girls are passionate.  Their hot nature is in conflict with their Catholic religion.  She feels guilty but can’t help herself.  Many have husbands or boyfriends.  These guys all cheat, and the girls want to get even.  The mixture of passion and guilt makes sex with a Mexican girl memorable.   

They Like Older Men, Especially White Men

The attraction for Mexican girls to older white guys is real.   A normal White Guy is taller, cleaner, more considerate and definitely richer than a normal Mexican.  Latino men are macho.  They climb on, do their business and climb off.  If the girl gets pregnant, it’s her fault.  Mexican men hit women regularly. They don’t buy gifts (unless it’s for a mistress) or care if a girl cums during sex.  Latin lovers?  Bullshit!  Mexican women want to be treated with respect.  You won’t have to do anything different, and you’ll be 5 steps above an equivalent Mexican.  If you are older, that probably means you have more money and fuck better.  Latina women love mature white men.