Independent Escorts of Mazatlan

Finding Escorts in Mazatlan Isn’t Easy

Much of the action in Mazatlan is off the streets and in the strip clubs and brothels.  We have a couple beautiful escorts advertising as well.  If you want to find where most of the prostitutes in Mazatlan advertise, try Mileroticos.   These ads are almost always in Spanish, but you can get Google Chrome to translate any page for you.  You can always use Google Translate as well.  But many guys in the mood to party at their hotel in Mazatlan are surprised to find guests are not welcome.

It’s Where Mexican Businessmen Go 

Mexican businessmen have it made in the shade.  They are usually married, plus have a girlfriend and several “friends with benefits”.  These include their secretaries, old girlfriends or the friends of their wife.  They can’t take these women home.  This is so common, almost every city has at least one sex motel.  These are called Motels de Paso.  

Prices at these sex motels start at around $600 pesos, about $30 USD depending on exchange.  They are safe, clean, and have inexpensive room service for snacks and drinks.  It’s a Mexican experience you won’t find in the tourist brochures!  Make sure to download a translation app to your phone.  That way you’ll be able to rent the motel room  without a language problem.  It’s also easier to communicate with your escort with a translation app.

Sex Motels Are Different in Mexico

For many tourists, going to a Mexican brothel in a dark part of town away from the protection of the police and bright lights is too much.  Likewise, having sex for 10 minutes in a dirty Mexican strip club isn’t the elegant sensual experience you may have had in mind.  You want to get laid, but in an environment that feels safe and comfortable.  Many Mazatlan visitors are disappointed when they discover their time share hotel or all-inclusive resort won’t let your hooker past the lobby.  Don’t worry.  You can go to the Motel Xtasis, a sex motel that specializes in short time visitors.

Angy Has The Best Nipples in Mazatlan

The girl in the photos is Angy.  She’s a Mazatlan escort who would love to meet you at Motel Xtasis.  She’s a romantic escort who loves to suck cock without a condom until you cum in her mouth.  Angy also has the best nipples in town!  Click on her photos to visit her VIP page with more pictures, prices and contact information.

Cost of Escorts in Mazatlan

The escorts you want, the ones who are 8, 9 or 10 on a 10 scale cost $1000 pesos up to $2500 pesos.  It’s always better to pay in pesos, though dollars work.  $1000 pesos is roughly $50 USD.  $2500 pesos is about $125 USD.  You can get some girls to go for as little as $700, but they’re not as pretty or skilled.   If you go for an 8 at $2500 pesos (that’s what Angy charges), add $700 for a deluxe suite with jacuzzi, that’s a 2 hour adventure for $3200 pesos, about $160.  That’s a bargain.

You don’t need to speak Spanish to take advantage of your opportunities.  If you use Mileroticos, 95% of the ads you see will be Mexican girls advertising for Mexican men, all in Spanish.  With a little effort in learning new technology, we give you step by step instructions on making an appointment with a Mexican escort.