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The prices in Cabo are Americanized.  The strip clubs are not much cheaper than those in the U.S.  Because of the high percentage of English Speaking American and Canadian tourists, expect to pay top dollar for your Mexican prostitute.  It's not that it isn't worth it, but this isn't like Acapulco or Ixtapa where Mexican vacationers go and keep the prices low.  Your better Hobby bargains may be found in the brothels.  (Called Casa de Citas in Spanish, which literally means "House of Dates".)


If you want an upscale brothel experience, go to Splash.  It's an upscale Mexican experience.  They have beautiful women for your pleasure.  It's more of a strip club with rooms where you can take the girls.  Most brothels in Cabo are totally Mexican; less expensive, and dirtier in every sense of the word.  If you want clean, safe and comfortable, and a place where everyone speaks English, you will go to Splash. 


Tyler P writes "If you're there try Toro Bravo brothel.  More selection, better pricing.  It is one block off the main drag, so I was vigilant, yet felt safe enough-- ask a taxi or mesero (waiter) where it is".


Strip clubs are the "easy entry" places.  Easy to find, easy to use, easy to leave.  You pay more for this service.  Brothels are almost always less expensive.  You can't sit around with a group and hoot, but if you primarily want sex at a reasonable cost, the prices can't be beat.  The trouble is, most of the concerns mentioned in all Mexico forum reports are connected with getting in and out of a brothel.  The stories probably exist, but most experienced guys who report feeling unsafe also report that nothing happened.  Anything in Cabo is going to be as safe as the U.S. or Canada.  If you're new to mongering in Mexico, we recommend paying more at Splash and feeling safe.  But if you want to save some money and have a truly "Mexican experience", take a deep breath, find a bilingual taxista and ask him to take you to a brothel.  There may be several.  Ask him the cost of the trip before you get in.  If you haven't already done it, change your money to pesos.  The brothels may be out of town.  Brothels are never in nice neighborhoods, so they may be in dark places with bad roads.  It's easy to lose your nerve, and that's OK.  Trust your instincts.  Please NEVER go to a Mexican brothel if you've been drinking, especially if you are alone.  Take your bilingual taxista into the brothel with you to translate.  The girls will line up.  They will automatically double the prices because you are a foreigner.  Ask the taxista if it is a fair price.  Don't be afraid to walk away.  You are under no obligation to pay a fat, smelly middle-aged woman who you don't want in the first place.  It's OK to leave.  The taxista may have other places to take you.