Amazing Strip Clubs in Cabo

English Spoken

Cabo is an “American Friendly” town where English is widely spoken.  Unlike the border towns like Juarez or cartel controlled downs like Mazatlan, it’s safe in the tourist areas.  The strip club prices are some of the most expensive in Mexico, with dances starting at $20 USD and $300 for a blowjob.  If you’re going to Cabo for a vacation that will include table dances, expect to pay for the best pleasure. This is not a destination town for the cost conscious Hobbyist or Monger.  Cabo San Lucas has plenty of strip clubs to choose from, but if you can afford the best Splash is the place to be.  It’s where you go to see the best girls, and the celebrities who are in town.  It’s not cheap.  When is the best of anything cheap?  The guys who visit Cabo repeatedly love the strip clubs.  

Beautiful Women From Everywhere

As a result the clubs can afford to import girls from all over Latin America and the world, selecting not only the most beautiful but the most willing to please.  Rock stars, professional athletes, Hollywood actors and the rich and famous go to the Splash Cabaret for the personal service, the exclusive atmosphere, and for an unforgettable private session with a world class beauty.  If low cost is more important than quality, try Amnesia or Lord Blacks.

How It Works

It’s basically the same program at each club.  They all divide the work between waiters and “guest services”, the guys who help you connect with the brothel part of the strip club.  Depending on the club, girls either join you or a member of guest services brings her over.  The places where the girls have to hustle can be annoying.  They come one after another, and are aggressive.  If you don’t care for the girl, you can say “no thank you”.  In the poorly run clubs, the girls will give you attitude if you refuse them.  But if you like the girl, buy her a drink.  The girl knows she has that much time to seduce you.  If you want her, she’ll call for the representative.  He may be the only person in the club who speaks English at the less expensive places.  At Splash, everyone speaks English. 

Not Much Stripping, But Who Cares

Cabo Strip Clubs don’t focus on dancing.  They all have an area where the girls take turns on stage, but the girls don’t consider themselves dancers.  They are bar girls and hookers.  As a result, the shows suck. The show happens at your table, and upstairs.  Table dances are the cheapest way you can enter the brothel portion and get your sweet young thing alone.  But the girls don’t make much from private dances, although you’ll pay up to $150 USD for 5 to 20 minutes alone.  If you want an orgasm, it’s $250 minimum for a blowjob.  The girls are amazing.  You’ll want full sex, which starts at $450.  Guys are rarely disappointed.  The girls are gorgeous, horny and skilled.  It’s very common for guys to have a drink, then sex with the first girl, then return to the bar.  You can either keep the girl you had or check out the other girls.  There is no wrong choice.  On average, Cabo girls give the best service of any city in Mexico.