Hard Times for Cabo Independent Escorts

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During the first two weeks of June, 2019, at least 6 independent escorts were killed in Cabo.  There are so many tough guys in Mexico, there aren’t enough victims to go around.  So, organized crime has decided to control prostitution in Cabo San Lucas.  They call the hookers and pretend to be clients.  In June, 2019, we received 3 different videos of Mexican escorts being beaten by thugs.  Now the beatings have become killings. This impacts you as clients because when you call for service, the girls may not answer.  They are scared.  Many have regular jobs, or have left the area.  Having your friends murdered will do that to a person.  


gorgeous Mexican girl face

Meeting Girls in Clubs

If you meet a Mexican girl in a club, be careful. There is a new scam.  It is performed by club waiters, bad girls and the police.  If you are sitting alone, a waiter will bring a girl to your table .  She’ll ask to go “home” with you.  You’ll think it’s your lucky day.  It’s not.  Once your sweet chica is in your room, she’ll ask for a drink.  Then she will slip a powder into your drink.  It’s Rohypnol, a powerful sedative with the street name of “roofies”.  You’ll pass out quickly.  Let the robbery begin!  You won’t get laid, but you’re fucked.  

There’s Nothing You Can Do

Be sure to file a police report, so the corrupt cops will know to get their share.  Seriously, it’s a waste of time.  The girls, the waiters and the police all get a cut.  Going back to the club to seek justice is also a waste of your time.  Everyone will be polite.  No one will help.  They’re all in on it.  The girls are rotated in and out after one or two robberies, so you can’t even seek justice yourself.  Often this scam is courtesy of the Sinaloa Cartel, not that it matters.  

Safety With English

Nothing bad ever seems to happen when your transaction is done over the internet with a girl who speaks English.  Mexican Bad Guys only have control over the girls whose ads are in Spanish.  So you’re safe in the strip clubs and with English speaking escort services.


There are street hookers day and night.  If you are a gentleman walking alone, you may be approached.  But if the girl is Mexican, play it safe and say “no thanks”.  They could be owned by a cartel, which could lead to serious problems.  But a lot of girls are vacationing from the U.S., Canada and Europe and looking to stretch their cash and have a little fun.  You can have a gorgeous young thing for as little as $100 USD.   Use common sense, but…go for it!  You just got lucky!