English Speaking Escort Services in Cabo

Two Legitimate Choices

There are many escort services advertising in Cabo, but there are really only two.   One legitimate escort service is True Love.  Another option is Splash.  It’s a strip club but you can call and they’ll send you a girl.

There are a other options. Most of them don’t really have any girls.  They just collect commissions from independent escorts, who simply increase their price to cover the cost of the “service”.  The second are cartel owned services.  They mostly cater to Mexicans.  As long as you do not try to answer ads in Spanish, it should not be a problem.

The Photos Are Links to Pages With More Information About the Escort Agency

True Love Escort Service

How do you run an escort service in Cabo without being bullied by the cartels?  You operate it remotely!  True Love is run by an English speaking guy and his girls are less expensive and exclusive to his service.  If he gets a call from a Mexican, he just says all the girls are busy.  As a result, you get a cartel free experience.  All his girls are bisexual.  They love providing service to English speaking gentlemen, but their favorite dates are couples and threesomes with other girls from the service.  Sounds like True Love to us!

Spash; Strip Club, Brothel, Escort Agency

Splash is hard to classify.  Their first floor is a strip club.  The second floor is a brothel.  You can also call and use them as an escort service.  While they can send you a girl, it’s more fun to go and select one.   So….go have a drink.  Check out the girls, select one and take her back to where you are staying.  Likewise, you can take her to a private room on the premises.  They are located across the street from Cabo Wabo. Visit our Splash VIP Page for more information.

The Scams To Watch For

If you go online to other websites like Craigslist or Backpage, be careful.  The Backpage site isn’t the American resource you are familiar with.  It’s a poorly organized copy currently without pages for Cabo.  Whatever you do, don’t place calls to escorts from Mileroticos.  This is where the Mexicans go to find girls.  As of June, 2019, the cartels have taken over Spanish speaking prostitution in Baja Sur, including Cabo San Lucas and the surrounding suburbs.  They are not the people you want with your name, hotel and room number.

Be Careful Who You Call

The mafiosos have called these ads pretending to be clients.  When the girls arrive, they are beaten.  So when the girls leave, they work for the cartels or they die. (Six were killed in June, 2019.  No one says “no” any more.)  These guys are into kidnapping and extortion.  As a result, you make a date with their girls at your peril.  Do you really want professional kidnappers to know your name, hotel and room number? The girls and businesses on our site are safe.  The hookers you find searching Google in English are probably OK.

Not Many Legitimate Escort Services

Many of the independents work for agencies whose job is to find them clients.  They are not exclusive to that agency.  The service just takes a commission on top of  her normal fee for transferring your information to her.  They do advertising and nothing more.   Because they don’t provide transportation, guarantee of service or even help if she doesn’t show up, it’s no service.  You pay more and receive no benefit in return.  Worse, if they live in Cabo they are probably also paying tribute to the cartels.

Cartels in Cabo

A friend of ours used to have a local agency.   A cartel operative called him and demanded to know where the owner of this website lives.  Our friend warned us just before he left town.  We aren’t concerned.  Cartel soldiers have the attention span of small flying insects.  EOM only uses email to communicate.  Mexico is not safe, but we are.  Cabo is currently, statistically, the most dangerous city in Mexico.   Mafia soldiers only speak Spanish.  Stay in the tourist area.  Only do business in English with escort services and independents.