Stay Away From the Massage Parlors

Any Sex Related Business is Dangerous

Why are you in Villahermosa, Tabasco?  You can’t be a tourist.  Maybe you have family there, or business interests.  Are you just passing through?   Do you know where you are?  Is this like one of those situations where you innocently ask someone you haven’t seen in awhile how your mutual friend is?  Their face falls, and you find out they were murdered.  You’ve just opened up a huge emotional wound.  Are you in Tabasco and you don’t know it’s not a safe place for English speaking visitors?  We’re sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings.  It gets worse.

There Are Erotic Massages, and You Can’t Have One

The entire state of Tabasco, such as it is, has been taken over by the cartels.  The municipal and state government are powerless in the face of determined gangsters who make a good living stealing fuel, hijacking trucks and trains and being minor players in the drug trade.   Go to the home page and look where Tabasco is located.  85% of the state has no electrical connection.  There isn’t enough income or will power.  Prostitution is rampant, and massage parlor are all over the central historical district.  We recommend you stay away.  It’s not safe.