Villahermosa, Tabasco: Not Recommended

Lots of Whores, Some Cheap, Others Inexpensive

While you won’t be drowning in women (bad flooding joke) in Villahermosa, there are many hookers here.  There are brothels everywhere, and many streetwalkers.  Straight travelers report in horror that there are prostitutes everywhere, walking the streets, in hotel lobbies!  Just imagine your own shock and disgust, viewing a cornucopia of young brown flesh hoping for a couple hours of your time!  And very little of your money.  The going rate is only around $400 pesos for an hour, $500 for two.  The most expensive ad we saw online was for a University student with huge natural breasts, slender waist, big ass for $1500 pesos an hour.  Her price included unlimited CIM and anal.  

One of the Six Bloodiest Cities In Mexico

The Biggest newspaper in Mexico, El Universal, lists Villahermosa as one of the 6 Bloodiest Cities in Mexico.  92% of the residents feel it’s not a safe place.  The Federal Government sent the National Guard to try to bring the place some security.  MexicoNewsDaily, an online news agency written in English recently reported “Traffic was blocked Monday morning with four burning vehicles left on the Villahermosa-Teapa highway, one of Villahermosa’s busiest thoroughfares. Along with the vehicles, which were left on the highway around 7:00am, was a threatening message for the National Guard. “Welcome, National Guard. We know you’re bringing all you’ve got, but let’s see how many leave alive.”  Yikes.

It’s Dirty, Dangerous and Cheap

Usually we tell guys where to find escorts.  In Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico, it’s just better to be honest.  Stay away.  If you have to go there on business or are passing through, we recommend you stay in your hotel and have an escort come visit you.  There are abundant brothels and street girls at ridiculously low prices.  What good are they if you come to a bad end?  

There´s no good reason to visit Tabasco.  80% of the state is swampland which is not connected to an electrical grid.  There are no beach resorts, no amazing natural wonders and certainly no business that would draw the attention of major international companies.   Even the gangsters of Tabasco are not respected outside their own state.   They share a porous border with Guatemala- 

Villahermosa; A Proud History

Villahermosa was once a center of Mayan and Olmec cultures.  The name Villahermosa means “beautiful  village”.  Villahermosa, with a population of around 250,000, is nobody’s village.  It’s the capital of Tabasco state and is the commercial and distribution center for the surrounding region.   Oil is one of the few big industries.  The city has a large collection of Olmec and Mayan artifacts, and the Mayan influence can be seen in the city’s architecture.  Villahermosa is located on the Grijalva River, and is subject to periodic, devastating flooding.  You don’t want to be there during a flood.