Villahermosa Brothels; Don't Go

There Are Many, But It’s Not Safe

In a recent survey, 92% of people living in Villahermosa say their own city isn’t safe.  Who are we to argue?  Kidnapping isn’t a major problem in Tabasco because tourists stay away.  Both the army and the national guard are fighting the huachicolero mafia groups.  These are cartels centered around fuel theft.  Why is this information on a brothels page?  Because the mafias aren’t making money while they battle federal forces in the countryside.  Can you think of a better kidnapping target than some English speaking tourist caught with his pants down in a Villahermosa brothel?  

Still Determined To Go?

You won’t have any problem finding a brothel.  They’re everywhere in the Centro Historico District.  Just ask any taxi or Uber driver.  Prices should range between $500 and $700 pesos for a basic service of covered oral stimulation and sex.  If you can find willing whore who’ll suck you without a condom, that could double your cost.  Mexican hookers fear STDs and don’t like BBBJ.  It only takes a few shots to fix most of them, but the cost of the shots added to the week or two weeks they cannot work is more risk than they can handle.  You’ll have an easier job finding a brothel whore who’ll do anal.  We recommend instead that you use an independent escort.  The cost is about the same you’d pay in a brothel.