Independent Escorts in Acapulco

The Streets Aren’t Safe

Chances are that if you are in Acapulco, you are staying in a gated resort community.  Stay there.  It’s safer.  If it’s all-inclusive, you won’t be able to have visitors without paying a hefty fee.  The safest places are your resort, inside a taxi, and in a sex motel, called motels de paso.

Online Ads in Spanish

If you search Google for “escorts Acapulco”, chances are you’ll end up on Mexican websites like Most of these ads are in Spanish.  Even if they say “english spoken” it’s probably a lie.  The good news is that they WANT to meet you.  If you want to meet Mexican hookers, you’ll probably need a translation app.  Even Google Traductor works.  Make your date via Whatsapp.   Make arrangements to meet at a motel de paso.

Sex Motels

These are fun, safe places designed for Mexicans to enjoy sexual adventures.  They aren’t like the seedy places in the U.S.   These are fantasy rooms decorated to enhance sexual pleasure.  For details, visit our Motels de Paso page.