Acapulco Happy Ending Massage



There used to be a large community of Happy Ending massage places in Acapulco. With the onset of cartel violence, most are out of business. Ask your hotel staff to recommend one that might still be open. Be sure to tell them specifically what you what, and don’t be shy. This is normal tourist behavior, and they just want you to have what you’re looking for. In a town like Acapulco, you’re better off bringing an escort to the safety of your room.

Even The Old Days Were Bad

Big D writes a CityXGuide forum review of Spa Soleil. “I also tried the Spa Solei out – with high expectations -, but unfortunately there is not much to tell. Only one (yes o-n-e) girl available late Tuesday afternoon and in my opinion she had at least 10 kg overweight. For 1000 MXP I only got a miserable CBJ, all the other options would have been a HJ only (with or without me “touching” her etc.). But I don’t regret visiting the place, at least I know now where I do NOT want to invest my money next time. And the massage itself was a real massage, very relaxing.” Bummer, Big D, but now WE know where not to go as well. Thank you.

You can also use the escorts ads, since many prostitutes are more comfortable marketing themselves as masajistas. It will probably be an outcall service to your hotel.