Acapulco Strip Clubs

Strip Clubs Are Dangerous

The best known strip club in Acapulco is Tabares. Do they still have midgets in mining hats and waitresses on roller skates? It sounds surreal. Also mentioned are Girls Girls Girls, Chica’s and Foxy’s.  They may be closed now. The last few years have seen brutal cartel violence spilling into the streets. Shootouts in strip clubs are common all over Mexico.  It’s a crime.  Strip clubs should be safe havens, like churches.  The clubs are also your most expensive sexual option. Independent escorts are less expensive.

In the, Big D writes excellent reviews of 4 strip clubs.

stripper holding her naked breasts
topless stripper giving a lap dance

Las Chicas

“Las Chicas: Had two girls, 1.800 MXP each. Full service for one hour (CBJ/BBBJ), pussy licking, normal sexual intercourse (no anal – but I didn’t even ask for it). Both chicks claimed to be 18 yrs old, but I had my doubts, they were so fresh and tight. But let’s stick to the official truth. Very friendly service, after the first visit I never had to pay any entrance fee (20 MXP of tip does miracles, plus a polite attitude and reasonably high consumption of “house products”). The show was mostly very good, and it was interesting to see each girl take a shower after her performance right in front of the audience! I guess I treated the girls well, because I was invited to help some of them to wash their pussy (no extra charge – and I didn’t charge anything for my help either.


Foxy: Quality not that high in my opinion, but I still did two girls (1500 MXP & 1200 MXP). Another was around 23 yrs. The other probably had been really beautiful some 15-20 years ago… but in the dark she still looked good 😉 My younger one was just about to finish her MSc degree in the university!


At another club (sorry, forgot the name – there are so many small striptease clubs at the main road, so it’s hard to remember all the names): Really sexy 21 years old chick, full service (no BBBJ), but a 101 % GFE. When she got going, she forgot all initial inhibitions (not so many of them, anyway). Price 1800 MXP for 30-45 min.


On Saturday night – very late – I went to Tabares (the one around the corner from Las Chicas), but it was too crowded. You could hardly could see the show from the place where I was sitting. Too much silicon, that’s the only reliable observation I could make before leaving. ” Thanks, Big D. We especially liked what you had to say about getting further with a polite attitude. Good things generally happen when you’re a gentleman.