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A visiting businessman, Aryan, writes "I really liked your website as I found it the only one to provide some help on Leon :).


1. Evil. Near to Flamingos. No cover charge. 2-3 of the almost 15 girls I saw there were pretty (7-8) range. The rates go by 500 pesos per lap dance (3 minutes). You could buy the girl a drink and talk and do the touchings for 1000 pesos (half hour), though without knowing Spanish there wont be much to talk :). Next is the full service for 2000 pesos (half hour). Beer cost around 50 pesos.

2. Flamingos - Total waste of time & money. Cover charge was 25 pesos. The club was good. But the girls were not good. Saw only two that I could pass for a 7. Just had water from there which cost around 40 pesos. The only rate I got was 150 pesos for 3 minute dance. However I didn't even try that seeing the girls they got there. Some of the girls here speak english. That is the only plus point I saw about this place. There were working women near to Flamingos, couple of them were cute too while most were old. Did not check the rates. Just wanted to let everyone know a place where we could get working girls.

3. Garden of Angels - Not a big club, but had better looking girls compared to the other two. You have a cover charge of 50 pesos and water too cost around 50 pesos. 180 pesos for 3 minute dance. 1000 to buy the lady a drink and talk and touch. 2000 for the full service. Had a good time there. 3-4 girls were pretty (7-8) range. Rest were all 5 or upper I think. Some of the girls here speak english. But you need to speak slow.
"  Excellent report.  Thank you for the update, Aryan.  Please tell us more when you visit other cities.


There is one other strip club that we are aware of in Leon, El Tapatio.  Gaolei writes of El Tapatio "The cost of a ladies drink is 240 Pesos!! All that aside, these women are among the best looking I have ever seen in Mexico, or almost anywhere else."  Why buy drinks unless the dancer is a friend, or you really need to talk about something.  She's a hooker.  What's she gonna enlighten you on?  One lap dance, depending on where you are, is usually less than the dancer drink prices, and buys you as much time.  If you look at the money you spend on her as the cost of an interview for a privado, you'll learn more from a dance.  If you're really feeling chatty, whisper in her ear while your hands ask their interview questions.

Jim writes about his experience with El Tapatio. "...you need to take a taxi to this place. It's about a 10min cab ride from main downtown Leon area, but still in the city. Unfortunately, my Spanish is very bad so I could not understand everything the dancer was saying. If you go make sure someone in your group speaks pretty good Spanish. Basically, you buy a drink you get a dance. The night I went it was very slow. The guy I went with tells me on a good night you be able to do "take out" in their hotel upstairs or back to your hotel. All-n-all...not bad for a city in the middle of Mexico. Going back soon.".  These guys had a good time, but I think they had two challenges.  One was they didn't have enough Spanish to communicate.  The second was that in Mexican strip clubs, it doesn't matter if it's slow or not.  The girls are there HOPING you'll take them upstairs.  That's how they make money.

Flamingos Strip Club has an adequate website.  It's all done in Flash, and gives you a map plus a list of drink prices.  Looks like a nice club, very upscale.  There's a boring video of the floor "action" that will put you to sleep.  It's probably a great place, but no one writes about it.  If you've been there, tell us about it.  

For a city the size of Leon, it seems surprising that there are so few strip clubs.  Anyone know of any others?