Independent Escorts Don't Speak English

Good News, Bad News

The Good News is there are plenty of independent escorts advertising in Leon.  It’s not like Tijuana, which has the dubious distinction of having the ugliest escorts (mostly street whores) in Mexico.  The girls advertising in Leon are mostly gorgeous and very young.  What’s more, they’re inexpensive!  You can get an hour with a 19-year-old beauty who hasn’t had kids for $900 pesos.  The Bad News is they only speak Spanish.  

Our solution?  Use your phone to communicate with translation apps.  We give detailed instructions on our page making a date with a girl who only speaks Spanish.

How to Connect With Spanish Speaking Escorts

Most of these girls want your business, but you need to make an appointment in Spanish.  This isn’t as impossible as it sounds.  If you have an internet connection on your cell, you’re almost there.  Use a translation app or Google Translate.  Create a simple message saying you’d like an appointment.  (“Appointment” translates to “date”.  “Date” translates to the day of the month.)  Ask if she’s available and give your hotel and room number.  Send the message to the number in the ad via Whatsapp.  If she hasn’t responded in 10 minutes, resend to your #2 choice.  Keep doing that until you connect.  

Use Mileroticos.

The most popular escort website in Mexico for escorts seeking clients like you is Mileroticos.  If you use Google Chrome, you can employ their “translate to English” feature.  Many of the ads are selling photos and videos.  That can be frustrating if you think you’re hiring an escort.  Also, beware of the Cam Girls.  If the phone number doesn’t start with “47” then be very careful.  (47 is the local prefix.)  Escorts legitimately travel.  But there is also a possibility that she is not physically in Leon.  

Too Much Trouble?

If all this seems like too much trouble, find a taxi driver and ask where the girls are.  (“Donde esta las chicas”.)  Most cabbies know where to find sex for sale.