Escort Services in Cancun

Escort Services Can Be a Big Help

When you go online to find independent escorts, many of the listings will belong to escort agencies.  That’s OK.  An English speaking escort service can explain how things work in Cancun.  Because none of the all-inclusive hotels allow “guests” without an outrageous fee, your options are limited.  A good escort service can explain them to you.  They may involve going to a sex motel, which are much better in Mexico.  They are luxurious, affordable, discrete and totally set up for sexual interludes.  Remember, prostitution is legal.

All-Inclusive and Too Exclusive

You’re probably going to need a solution other than your hotel.  Most resorts in Cancun are sold as all-inclusive packages, and they are very careful about who gets in.  Once inside, you can go everywhere.  You can also eat and drink all day and all night without paying.  It’s included.  Family resorts aren’t big on cheap Mexican whores getting drunk for free and eating all their steaks.  All resorts have guest fees for unexpected visitors.  It essentially adds another person to your party, often for the length of your stay.   They don’t have a “It’s Just a Whore For Two Hours” plan.  Consequently, you live and learn.  Next time you’ll avoid “all inclusive”.

Another Solution

One escort service is also a brothel and a massage parlor.  That’s the Pleasure Principle, which is listed on our massage parlor page.  You can get the details there.  It’s owned and operated by English speaking people.  They’ll send you a girl if you are at a private residence or a normal hotel.  Most people just take advantage of their free round trip transportation and go to their spa.