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Pleasure Principle, Cancun

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Cancun has one of the most elegant brothels in Mexico, the Pleasure Principle.  It's not cheap, but it's the best in Mexico.  Nothing else comes close for the quality of the service or the beauty of the women.  Visit their website and you'll be invited to join a live chat.  If you want to check them out, they will send a car for you and take you back; no obligation.  You'll feel safe and secure.  Everything is designed for men who normally don't visit this type of place.  Not all the girls speak English, but the managers do.  They welcome you in English.  If you're comfortable, they will put you in a room where the girls will introduce themselves one by one.  The girls themselves are 8, 9 and 10 on a 10 scale.  You need to resist the temptation to select the first girl who comes into the room.  Just when you think you could not make a better selection, an even hotter girl will appear.  Everyone has a bad day, but if a beautiful girl isn't in the mood it's not a problem.  There are up to 20 other girls who will want your business.


The "normal" Mexican brothels in Cancun are mostly downtown, and cater primarily to the Mexican clientele.  To a normal American guy, they will seem dirty and low rent.  The only advantage to using them is price.  The cost will be less than what you will pay for an escort in the tourist areas, or at the Pleasure Principle.  This will be a gritty, lower class experience, but if you can't afford anything better and don't mind the risk, it could be the best solution for you.


The Pleasure Principle

The Pleasure Principle has an incall location, with many local girls you will not find on their website.   They have a luxurious facility.  Take a tour, then pick a girl.  Prices start at $350 for the first hour, depending on the girl you choose and the services you want. They are all GFE providers, and many speak English. The Mayan Riviera is the swingers vacation destination in Mexico, and Cancun Escort has both male and females to complete your threesome. Visit their website for more information. www.pleasure-principle-cancun.com


Toll Free: +1-888-364-5726     Local: +52-998-980-0502
WhatsApp: +52-1-998-321-3189

Pili - GFE, Anal Sex

Service to Men and Couples; Loves Threesomes


Pili likes anal sex so much, she has become an expert in lubricants.  If you like, she will make you both slippery with special oils.  For foreplay, she loves to slide all over you, rubbing her breasts, her bottom and her most private areas all over your body.  When Pili thinks you are ready, you'll slide inside.  She has different lubricants she uses for vaginal and anal sex.  She says the only thing she doesn't use a lubricant for is oral sex.  She salivates copiously when giving oral pleasure, once more proving that Pili is the lubricant queen of Cancun.    See Pili's VIP page for more photos and details. 


Int'l Cell:  +52-998-892-0283   Local Cancun:  892-0283

From USA:  1-888-266-6952

Andrea - GFE

Bisexual; Loves Threesomes

Service to Men and Couples


Andrea is a slender little spinner.  (She loves to be on top, and can change directions without losing contact.)  She is 5'4" tall,  measures a delightful 34B-21-34 and weighs only 114 pounds.  Andrea loves the money, but loves the sex even more.  She loves to party.  Keep her all night and you won't be disappointed.  See Andrea's VIP page for more photos and details. Live Chat with Andrea


Int'l Cell:  +52-998-892-0283   Local Cancun:  892-0283

From USA:  1-888-266-6952

Kendra - Anal Princess of the Mayan Riviera


Why does such an elegant and otherwise wholesome girl like Kendra enjoy anal sex so much.  "It feels good", she laughs.  "I was blessed with a nice ass, and I love it when a man knows how to enjoy it."  As you'd expect from a free spirit, Kendra is bisexual.  Her favorite dates are with couples, when the man gives her the anal sex she wants while she pays special attention to the lady.  Click here for more naughty photos.  If you have specific ideas of what you'd like to do with her, send a detailed email.


Int'l Cell:  +52-998-892-0283   Local Cancun:  892-0283

From USA:  1-888-266-6952


Sonia - Anal Sex, and Big, Dark Nipples

Bisexual; Loves Threesomes and Lesbian Shows with Men and Couples


Sonia is proud of her body.  She's a slender girl with a huge ass and big dark nipples that fascinate most men.  She is a pleaser.  Do you want to lick and suck her big dark nipples?  She's happy if you're happy.  Want anal sex?  She's even happier.  Heaven for Sonia is when a woman takes her nipples in her mouth while the gentleman gives her anal sex.  She is very bisexual, and guarantees to give your significant other the pleasure experience of her life.  Visit her page for more photos and information, as well as live chat.


Int'l Cell:  +52-998-892-0283   Local Cancun:  892-0283

From USA:  1-888-266-6952