FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I find what I’m looking for on your site?

A. If you are looking for a particular city that you don’t see on the upper menu, click on the “Other Cities” link at the top. You’ll be taken to a menu of cities. Each city has information on escorts, escort services, strip clubs, massage parlors and brothels.  If you cannot find what you want in this manner, try the site map.  If you are still stuck, try searching keywords.  Use the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the page. 

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Q. How much should I pay for sex in Mexico?

A.  This differs from city to city. We try to have a price range for you in each area. The lowest you’ll pay for an ugly girl is $300 pesos. At 20:1 exchange rate, that’s $15 USD. You usually don’t pay more than $2,500 pesos for the top chicas. Of course, there are exceptions on both the high and low end. Anything under $1,000 pesos for a beautiful young girl is a bargain. It’s like $50 USD, depending on the exchange rate.  Extras cost extra.  Duh! This includes kissing, threesomes, cum in mouth blowjobs and anal sex. Mexican escorts aren’t big on kissing, sucking without condom or anal. If you can find a hooker who’ll do extras, you’re going to pay more. You can get an idea of prices by browsing through our website.

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Q. I only speak English. How can I talk to the escorts to set an appointment? How do I communicate in a strip club or brothel?

A. Once you understand how to communicate with “spanish only” prostitutes, you’ll be like a baby that’s learned to walk. The world opens up.  We have an entire page created to help you communicate.  The system works best with independent escorts, but you can also modify it to help in strip clubs, brothels and massage parlors. 

Q. Is it safe?

A. It’s probably more safe to use sexual services in Mexico than in the U.S. If safety is your primary concern, pay more to use an escort service when available. You’ll pay a little more, but you won’t be out of your hotel room and the girls are not likely to steal. The worst thing that usually happens is that guys don’t read the ads closely, and end up with a travesti. (Transvestite. Shemale. Tranny. Ladyboy. Chick with dick.) Prostitution is legal in Mexico.  You don’t get in trouble for being a client. Escort services, strip clubs and casa de citas make a serious effort to protect their customers.

Q. How can I recognize a scam?

A. Sometimes it can be hard to tell.  It comes down to common sense.  Don’t trust anyone, don’t pay in advance, and don’t let your valuables out of your sight.  Follow these rules, and chances are you’ll never have a problem.  By “don’t pay in advance” we mean don’t pay anyone for sex unless she’s in front of you with the door closed.  A lot of online ads try to get you to pay a “security” or “good faith” deposit.  No one reputable works that way.  They are just trying to steal deposits.  Use common sense. It’s your best protection in Mexico.

Q. Why are the faces blurred in so many escort photos?

A. Don’t assume they are hiding an ugly face. That’s rare. The independent escorts don’t want Mom to know where all the pretty clothes are coming from, or their brothers to have to be embarrassed. It’s a poor country. Factory girls only earn the equivalent of a few hundred US dollars a month, and these jobs are difficult to get. The Semi-Pro escorts are young girls living at home, students putting themselves through school or housewives helping with expenses. They aren’t tragic victims. They often enjoy the encounter as much as you do. Tip generously for good service.

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Q. What’s different between Mexican men, Canadian and American men?

A. Mexican men, even ruthless cartel killers, are usually spoiled mama’s boys who don’t know how to satisfy a women. They climb on, do their business, climb off and leave.  American men like more foreplay.  We love to start with kisses, move to oral sex, (and often like to give oral sex as well as get it), do different positions and satisfy a partner by lasting much longer. American men appreciate women more.  We are far more charming with the women, more sensuous and tip well for good service. Canadian men are exactly the same as American men, except they don’t tip. 

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Q. What about disease?

A. Mexico isn’t Africa. The girls are clean, and practice safe sex more than American women. Use a condom for vaginal and anal sex. Oral sex is usually safe without a condom. (BBBJ, or bareback blowjob). However, 90% of the prostitutes you will meet in Mexico won’t do a BBBJ.  Registered sex workers are required to have regular health inspections. However, many independent girls don’t want their husbands, boyfriend, families and friends to know what they are doing, so they don’t register as sex workers. and don’t have a health card.  The biggest danger to your health is unclean food, lyme disease (from tics) and dengue fever (from mosquitos).   

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Q. How did the term “red light district” come about?

A. Red lights and prostitution had long enjoyed a close relationship before The Police immortalized it in their ballad to ‘Roxanne’.  Rail workers at the turn of the twentieth century would leave their red lanterns outside a prostitute’s house while they were busy inside, so they could be easily found in case of emergency.  Enterprising women realized they could get free publicity by simply putting out a red lantern of their own. Areas with a lot sex-for-sale businesses came to be known as red-light districts.