Differences Between Mexico and Other Countries

Mexicans think differently than you and me.  Attitudes are different in basic definitions like honesty, time, family and respect.  Many of the differences are funny.  Sometimes they are tragic.  Others are amazingly good and in the favor of English speaking men.  

Take for example traffic laws.  In Mexico, cars have the right of way.  Step out into the street with the arrogance of knowing cars must yield for your white ass.  The next thing St. Peter is explaining to you that in Mexico, cars don’t have to slam on their brakes because you are busy talking on your cell.  

Unique Spatial Awareness

Spatial awareness is another difference.  Mexican pedestrians love to stop at choke points and force others into the street.  If the sidewalk is 10 meters wide, you can count on two full families stopping to say Hello.  They’ll all stand in a line perpendicular to the buildings and the street so no one can pass.  Restaurants set up tables right on the sidewalk and no one thinks anything of it, even when the sidewalk becomes impassible.  Mexicans stop in doorways and crosswalks, or right in front of the escalator so no one can get on.  It’s the height of rudeness to say anything negative about where some fat latin person parks their body so you cannot pass.  If you must pass, you must apologize for entering THEIR space.  

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