Older White Guys Are Still Sexy To Mexican Girls

In Mexico, You’re Young Again

True Story from 4 years ago.  I’d been living in Mexico for 6 years.  I always thought that young Mexican girls were so polite and respectful to their elders.  A bilingual lady friend and I were at a restaurant.  There was a young girl busing tables who kept coming around our table.  She was really good looking.  When I say young, I mean she was like 15 to 18.    I was 66 years old at the time.  My lady friend happened to be lesbian, and she was laughing at me.  When I asked what was so funny, she said “you really don’t get it, do you?”  When I asked what she was talking about, she said “That girl is horny for you.”  I thought it was a bad joke.  There was like 50 years age difference.   I came to discover that it’s much less important than other factors.

Embrace Your Inner Rock Star

Western culture is superior to Latin culture in many ways, but this isn’t one of them.  To understand the difference, you need to get into the mind of a Mexican female.  There’s no opportunity for women in Mexico.  Girls are taught that being pretty is the most important thing for a woman to do.  They are taught to prepare to be housewives, waitresses and whores.  There are professional women, but it’s not common.  Mexican men a pigs, and treat their women like whores and servants.  Then there’s you.  You are rich in Mexico.  You are well-mannered and respectful, and probably educated past the third grade.  A Mexican girl looks at you like American girls would view a 90s rock star.  

It’s Economic, But It’s Also More

What’s the catch?  It’s the money, right?  Yes….and no.  You represent safety and security.  Mexican men often beat their women.  It’s not illegal, as long as you’re married or at least in a relationship.  Mexican men are uneducated, and don’t earn much money.  Character wise, they are dishonest in their business and personal lives. When they can’t pay rent, they still find money to get drunk.   English speaking guys have a good reputation for personal integrity.  That young thing making eyes at you feels safe.  She wants to please you.  The legal age of consent is officially 18 in most states, but no one goes to jail if she’s 16 and willing.  Make sure to take photos together in happy moments.  All the photos on the left are from 2 cousins, intimate friends. 

Physically Compare the Average Norteamericano to a Mexican

I’m 5’11”, which is 1.80 in meters.  That’s average height in the U.S. and Canada.  The average Mexican male is maybe 5’5″.   That’s 6 inches difference.  Plus, white skin is prized.  If you read escort ads, many girls brag about their pale skin.  I also have blue eyes.  It never meant a thing to me until moving to Mexico.  Blue eyes are considered beautiful, and in Latin America are very rare.  Almost all Mexican men start getting fat in their 30’s and 40’s.  If you have a few extra pounds, Mexican women don’t reject you automatically.  

The 30 Scale

We men can be cruel, but women aren’t any different.  They’re just more subtle.  We have our 10 scale for evaluating women physically.  Salma Hayek is over 50, and a 10 on a 10 scale.  Mexican women have an unspoken 30 Scale.  It’s complicated, but you can break it down in three groups of 10; physical, character, and financial.  

Physically, they look for height, eye color, general fitness, posture, cleanliness and quality of clothing.  For character, they value courtesy, intelligence, respect, honesty, loyalty and a sense of humor.  Mexican women also appreciate generosity.  Money.

Financially, they look for someone with more money than they’ve got.  I fucked up, and lost all my money in the crash of 2008.  I moved to Mexico with nothing but my social security.  Eventually, I added the proceeds from this website.  (Which averages about $1000 USD a month.)  I still have more money than 95% of the women I meet.  

What’s The Point?

American men visiting Mexico don’t understand how the cultural differences sometimes work in their favor.  90% of Mexican women don’t want anything to do with us.  (Especially in the Trump era.)  But 10% still includes several million women.  All I’m saying is to stay alert to body language and tone.  Watch the eyes.  Learn to tell the difference between courtesy and flirtation.  If you aren’t sure, don’t worry.  Ask for her phone number, or give her yours.  Offer to meet her later for coffee or a drink.  This isn’t the USA where you risk legal action for asking a girl out.  If she’s been flirting but can’t go out with you, she’ll still be flattered you asked.  

Give her your number, with hotel and room number.  Often if you meet a girl in public, she may not be able to say “yes” in front of friends or colleagues.  Don’t be surprised if you get a call later. 

Personal Story #1

Once I was at a botanero.  (A common bar format where you pay a little more for the drinks but they bring you free snacks.)  There are often girls there who are willing to join you for drinks.  Sometimes they are hookers, sometimes not.  There was a woman older than I usually prefer (40 ish) but with an incredible set of tits.  (You can pick her out on the left.)  All the younger girls were plain.  She came over when I made a hand motion to join me.  When I offered her a drink, she refused but didn’t leave.

She was there to help her husbands brother, the owner.  I told her in bad Spanish that was too bad, because I thought she was the most desirable woman in the place.  She smiled and asked for me to discreetly give her my phone number.  I gave it, she got up and left.  Long story short, we “dated” for 6 months.   She came to my house.  Each visit, she asked for money, always in different amounts.  Never more than $1000 pesos.  (About $50 USD.)  The last time, she came with her daughter and son.  Then I realized she wanted to divorce and remarry.  I broke it off, with regret.   

Personal Story #2

Taxi drivers can be your best friend, even if you live in Mexico and speak a little Spanish.  One taxi driver in the town where I live has supplied me with some of my hottest lady friends.  This was after my lesbian friend told me it was OK to let younger girls in my life.  Coming home after shopping, I asked my taxi driver if he knew any girls who weren’t whores, but would have sex with one guy for money.  The idea of “amateur professionals” is well known in Mexico.   He showed me a picture and I was hooked.

He introduced me to Davira, a busty 19 year old who ended up visiting me at my home for over a year.  We had nothing in common.  She speaks no English, and my Spanish is so bad we couldn’t have serious discussions.  It was perfect.  We had nothing but sex.  We liked each other.  I’d pay for an hour, she’d stay for at least 4.  Between bouts of sex, she’d watch videos, drink beer (ALWAYS have an iced bucket full of cold beer if you want the girls to stay), send Whatsapp messages and watch music videos on my big screen.   When she decided to move out of the area, she introduced me to her cousin, Elisabeth.

Personal Story #3

Elisabeth showed up by herself around noon in high heels, a slinky black dress and fully made up.  She was very shy, and looked like a kid in her Moms party dress.  To explain, she’d never been with a gringo, never been with a man over 25 (I was 66 at the time, exactly 50 years difference) and never been in a nice house before.  She drained her first beer like it was medicine.  When I asked her age, she said she was 16.  
I must have looked shocked.  She said she’d been a hooker since she was 14, and was the mother of a 1 year old.  After a couple more beers, she not only got sexual, she got romantic.  It may have been an act, but it was very convincing.  She can’t have an orgasm unless we are kissing.  We’ve been seeing each other off and on for almost 4 years.  I’ve offered to pay large sums for a threesome with one of her young friends.  She won’t do it.  She won’t share.  Just because there’s money involved doesn’t make it less of a real relationship.    

In Conclusion

Don’t assume that age has much to do with your choice of lady friends in Mexico.  Even if your cultural filter is screaming “too young”, if you want her and she wants you, go for it.  Money is always going to be involved.  The most expensive women are wives.  Next, girlfriends.  Especially in Mexico, if all you want is sex, paying as you go is the cheapest.  If you are paying, it also gives you the right to see other women.  I’ve paid girls who never asked for money.  They always take it.  They probably won’t come back without it, but they appreciate not being made to feel like a whore.  A lot of courtesy and respect (and a lot of free beer) and a whole world of possibilities will open up to you.