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Welcome to the oldest, largest, most complete English language escort directory in Mexico.  We began with our first version in 2011.  Much has changed, but the basics remain the same.  Prostitution is still legal in Mexico and illegal in the United States.  Mexican escorts still want English speaking clients.  Tourists and businessmen want adventures with Mexican hookers.  Each wants what the other has, and neither understands the others vocabulary.  

Good Advice Based on Current Information

The hard part about looking for sex in Mexico is that every city, municipality and state have different laws, cultures and situations.  In Mexico City, for example, independent escorts are the way to go.  There are a few strip clubs, and brothels, massage parlors and escort services are illegal.  In Cado, gangsters have violently forced independent chicas to pay a commission, driving most out of business.  The Cabo strip clubs and streetwalkers are the best alternatives.  Our job is to provide you with information and alternatives in each city we cover.  

“Street Smart” Facts About Your Safety

Many visitors to our site know more than we do about escorts in Mexico.  They just want to see if we have a girl they would like in an ad. That’s OK.  But for guys who are new and looking for information, we are a vital source about what’s legal and illegal, safety and how to communicate.  We know more about how things really work BY FAR than the State Department.  Their warnings are often silly.  At other times they have no warning at all when just speaking English will put you in danger.  They get their information through official channels. We get ours from the street. 

We Love Escorts and It Shows

There are predatory bitches who will rob you.  On the other hand, there are also student escorts putting themselves through school.  These firm young students will give you the ultimate Girlfriend Experience.  Likewise, enjoy single moms supporting their families and hot latin housewives who just want to fuck.   Mexico is dripping with sex.  It can be dangerous, it can be glorious.  There are scams, there are bargains.  We tell you the warning signs.  We love our Bad Girls.  Let us help you stay safe, avoid being ripped off and make naughty Mexican girls give you everything you want.