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There are no escort services advertising online, and not many independent escorts either.  There is an extremely large percentage of travestis and gay guys advertising.  You'll find some escort ads on OLX, Blidoo and Adoos.  We copied a couple below, and included some airbrushed photos of an expensive model who probably isn't there anymore.  This isn't Mexico City and neighboring Ecatepec or Tlalnepantla where you can usually do just as well or better calling online ads.  The escorts of Tampico are on the streets.  Take a cab to the Tolerance Zone, downtown by the port.  The girls you want are on the streets, in the hooker bars or strip clubs


A monger named Dodger talked about where to pick up escort streetwalkers on the streets in Tampico on the CityXGuide.  "I love this town. If you walk along the top road of the downtown market section.  There is a pub / club with a blue wall. Paris Bar or Paris Club. Turn left on this corner, 50 yards down are door girls. 18 year old, 1 position, no sin ropa, 130 pesos ($10 USD). If U-turn left on the next road there are more girls there as well. Food inside the market is also very reasonable."  Sounds like Dodger worked up an appetite!  Great post and great prices.  BTW, "no sin ropa" means "not without clothes".  Clear as mud?  For $130 pesos, she keeps her clothes on and lays there in one position.  Sort of like a 95 cent sandwich, with the bread and condiments costing extra.  Hint:  life is short.  Pay full price.  If you speak a little Spanish, it's always good to negotiate exactly what you want after your chica names her price.  "Quiero besos y abrazos, chupa y cohair con muchos posiciones, durante una hora.  Es incluido?"  In English it means, "I want kisses and hugs, a blowjob and sex in many positions for one hour.  Is this included?"  She may say "no, gracias", raise the rates or ask for your hand in marriage.  Whatever her response, you'll know what you're getting.  Chances are you've traveled a long way to get here and aren't staying too long.  If you're nice about it, she'll probably enjoy giving you exactly what you want.  She probably wants it, too, but needs your help with a few bills. 


On the same forum, Big John confirmed the information about street escorts.  "At least 100 girls working. Just like door girls. They hang out in front of the "hotels" where they pay for the room for each customer. 150 pesos for no sin ropa and one position including the room.  300 pesos full service including room.  The town has an uptown and downtown section.  Downtown is the market area and the port.  It's a very big area, at least 10 or 12 blocks long and about 6 blocks wide.  Girls are all over the downtown area.  Area very safe, lots of cops in the area but they don't bother the girls or the customers. I did not see any other gringo/s while I was there."  Gotta love the harbor girls.  They're the same all over the world.  "Hey, Sailor"!


These ads have been translated to English. Most of the girls only speak Spanish


Alexia - Speaks English


While you're in Tampico, don't miss the opportunity to meet me.  My name is Alexia, and I'm an independent escort.  I don't drink, smoke or do drugs, so my skin is smooth and my body is a delight.  Men tell me I'm attractive.  I offer a complete service, but you'll have to phone me for specific details.  My hours are 8AM to 11PM


nextel 92*739290*2           5520 05 9919


Amanda - Tranny / Travesti


Call me for all your tranny fantasies.


8332 03 5564


Samanta - Tranny / Travesti


I'm the one you've been looking for, the girl to help you live all your fantasies.  I'm Samanta, a gorgeous and sexy tranny. 

8332 03 5564



Karina - Tranny / Travesti


I'm a 20 year old tranny looking for mature men who want casual sex. 


8331 18 5614


Paulina - Tranny / Travesti

My name is Paulina.  I'm a t-girl who wants to spend delicious moments with you while you're in Tampico.  Enjoy me to the maximum. 

8331 50 2355