No Escort Services in Tlalnepantla

That’s Fuckin’ Illegal

Dana White of the UFC in his most famous rant raged “That’s Fuckin’ Illegal”.  It applies here.  Mexican law is clear.  It’s legal to be a prostitute and sell your body for sex.  It is also legal to be a customer.  What is not legal is to directly profit from the earning of a sex worker, either by commission or percentage or flat fee.  That is how escort services work.  The seat of the national government is 20 miles away.  There are no escort services in Tlalnepantla.  It’s fuckin’ illegal.  If you don’t believe us, just ask Dana. 

If you want to visit a great escort service city, try Tijuana.  

Try the Independent Escorts

Often in escort ads you’ll see groups of hookers pooling their ad resources and working together under one phone number.  It’s not an escort service, but you make one phone call and get multiple options.  If you’re a threesome guy, you can get great combination from these ads.  These ladies enjoy working together.  That’s not always the case.  If you just combine two girls randomly who both do trios, it will be sheer dumb luck if it works out.   Prostitutes are people.  They are picky about the women they fuck, just like you.  You’ll find this type of ad on Milerticos. Just search for “amigas”.