Not Bad For Independent Escorts

Tlalnepantla Hookers; Numerous and Inexpensive

If you are in Tlalnepantla on business and staying at one of the local hotels, you can have an independent escort visit you in most places.  It’s Mexico, and prostitution is legal.  Prices range from $500 pesos (about $25 USD) to the upper end of $2500 pesos.  ($125 USD.)  At the lower end are women you won’t want to be seen with.  They are older, sagging and wrinkled.  The upper end are girls in their mid-20’s.  They are beautiful, firm and smell nice.  In the middle are teens and girls in their early 20’s, usually new to the business.  They are amateurs, students and others who don’t work 24/7.  Mid-range prices are $1300 to $1800 pesos an hour.  

How Do You Find These Girls?

The online source with the most ads is Mileroticos.   The site is easy to use, with search features is you are looking for something specific.  Want to try anal?  Do you enjoy blowjobs to completion?  (BBBJ-CIM.)  In the mood for a travesti?  It’s easy to find.  The biggest problem is that these ads are all in Spanish.  You can search for “English Spoken”, but there will only be a couple choices and the prices will be more than double.  But why pay?  It’s not that hard to contact and make an appointment in Spanish.

Why Contact A Mexican Girl?

The answer is price and selection.  There are 20 to 50 times more Mexican whores, and they charge a fraction of what a bilingual girl wants.   Bf the Mexican escort you want speaks Spanish only and you speak English, how can you connect?  Through Whatsapp.  Browse the ads using a page translator.  Then use a translation app to create your English offer into Spanish.  We have created a page that takes you through it step by step. We provide detailed instructions with examples on how to contact a Mexican escort who doesn’t speak English.