Who Stole The SLP Strip Clubs?

Someone File A Missing Club Report!

A couple years ago, San Luis Potosi had three strip clubs; Sophistique, Medusas and Sensations.  Google shows no information for any of these clubs, nor any new listings in English OR Spanish.  In comparison, Mazatlan has 3 great strip clubs and a population of 400,000, half the size of SLP.  

The Municipality Must Have Shut Them Down

In a normal economic cycle, the weak get driven out of business.  After their competition is gone, the survivors flourish.  But in this instance, no survivors are reported.  Strip clubs need publicity, promotion and public events to remind the customers to return.  There hasn’t been anything in the last two years.  If the Cartels choose to make an example of a club, they shoot the place up or set it on fire.  There’s no history of violence.  Our money is on government interference.  A city of 850,000 without a strip club?  Tragic!

Where Do You Turn For Help?

Whenever you want to find hookers in a strange city, find a driver.  They can be Uber drivers or taxi guys, but these are always the people who know where the escort action is.