Independent Escorts In SLF

San Luis Potosi Has Good Escorts

It’s a good thing too.  Because this medium sized city has nothing else going on.  When you are looking for escorts in San Luis Potosi, you need to speak Spanish….or be represented by someone who speaks both English and Spanish.  Mexican girls love English speaking guys, whether you’re from Canada, the U.S., Europe or other parts of the world.  It’s an adventure for both of you.

Where To Find Hookers in SLP

Do a Google search for “escorts san luis potosi”.  The best site is Mileroticos.  They have more ads than all the others combined.  Prices seem to average about $1500, which may seem high until you realize these girls are your only opportunity to get laid in San Luis.  There are scams to avoid.  Some girls try to collect a deposit.  These girls never meet you, they just steal deposits all day.  Others are ads advertising low prices.  It’s because its a cam show.  The girl isn’t in SLP.  She wants you to give her your credit card number and pay her up to $1000 pesos to watch her masturbate.  All the ads are in Spanish, but you can easily translate the pages from Spanish to English.

Connecting With a “Spanish Only” Girl

Most of Mexico is like this.  You speak English, they speak Spanish, and you both have what the other wants.  We tell you how it’s done on Making a Date With a Mexican Girl If You Only Speak English.  Basically, all the girls have Whatsapp.  You need to translate the ad pages into English.  Many of the ads are for cam shows.  Others are placed by travestis.  Some only sell photos and videos.  Once you’ve found a real female who wants to meet and have sex, you create an ad in English, translate it to Spanish and send it via Whatsapp.  It’s easier than it sounds.  We take you through it step by step, with examples.