SanLuis Potosi; Not Many Escorts

SLP, Not A Party City

You know a state is centrally located when it’s bordered by 7 other states.  But like Kansas, which also has lots of states on it’s border, San Luis Potosi is not famous for escorts. San Luis Potosi, the city, is the capital of San Luis Potosi, the state.  This capital city is the best place to find escorts for 200 KM, even if few speak English.  The state was named for a combination of Louis XIV of France and some mine in South America. One historical era of the area ended when the Spanish arrived and the most of the local population died from disease or genocide. 

The current population is largely descended from Italian and Spanish immigrants.  The people there are distinguished by two factors.  They are noticeably taller than average Mexicans, and have one of the lowest education rates in Mexico.  Do you like your escorts tall and dumb?  It’s not the worst combination for a prostitute.  

3M is Here.  Mining, Manufacturing, Mescaline

The biggest exports of the area come from mining, mescaline and long, lean escorts.  If you’ve never tried peyote, it’s fun.  Mix it in a milkshake or something else that goes down easy.  There are cool hallucinations for about 2 hours, then a mind/body high that will have you considering the nature of your being on earth.  This religious experience will be even more rewarding if you have some tall, stupid hooker sucking your dick.  Many people feel some nausea to begin the experience, but this quickly passes.  The state of SLP produces lots of silver, and the peyote cactus grows wild in abundance. 

Where to Find Independent Escorts

Even with a good taxi or Uber driver, it can be very difficult to find prostitutes in San Luis Potosi.  Fortunately, there are independent escorts advertising online.  Mileroticos is the best place to find them.  

Central Location; Silver Mines, GM Plant

The state is close to Monterrey, Guadalajara and Mexico City, and has become a manufacturing center as well.  General Motors has an assembly plant there.  San Luis Potosi is the 3M of Mexico; mining, manufacturing and mescaline.  You can buy a new GM car, score some mescaline and get high with a tall, stupid hooker who looks part Italian.  

Hookers; Tall, High, Stupid and Driving a Chevy

San Luis Potosi is not a tourist destination, but if you’re passing through, check out the hookers for hire.  If they are true to the products of the State, they should be tall and uneducated, wearing lots of silver, driving a new Chevy, and high on peyote buttons.  (Those are peyote buttons in the photo.  They look like miniature melons.)