Agencies Are Not The Best Source Of PV Escorts

Escort Agencies in Puerto Vallarta

Escort services in Puerto Vallarta may not be the best way to meet girls.  According to the Wiki Sex Guide, there are three agencies operating in PV.   However, if you do a Google Search for “escort services Puerto Vallarta” no agency shows up on the first page.  If you search for “escorts puerto vallarta” on Google, you’ll get almost the same results.  That’s because the local services try to pass themselves off as independent escorts.  They list their girls one by one on the free advertising sites like Mileroticos.  It’s confusing.  The temporary nature of escort services (they’re illegal throughout Mexico) makes them try to stay hidden.  In PV, there are better ways of meeting girls.  

Try The Hooker Bars Instead

You’ll need a taxi driver and maybe an interpreter.  In a brothel, you enter, the girls line up, you pick one (or two) and they take you to a room on the premises.  A hooker bar is what it sounds like.  Picture a strip club without a stage.  Grab a table.  Girls will make themselves available for you to buy them drinks.  If you like one, you pay a fee (called a Bar Fine or “salida”) and take her someplace else for sex.  There are more of these bars in Puerto Vallarta than all the strip clubs, brothels and escort services put together.  Don’t see anyone you like?  Go to another and another until you find one.  None of these independent escorts speaks English, but the price will usually be less than $75 USD for full service.  

Other Escort Agency Alternatives

Try the strip clubs or brothels.  All of the best alternatives are “Spanish only” places.  This doesn’t mean they are dangerous or that you will be unwelcome.  Take your taxi driver with you and buy him drinks so he’ll interpret.  DO NOT let him take you to high end strip clubs.  These places will overcharge your credit card and pay the taxi driver a large commission.  The brothels are safe, friendly and fun.